Astrology is dead

astrology is deadAstrology and clairvoyance

Many astrologers claim everywhere they are not psychic readers or clairvoyants. According to them, astrology is a science more than a clairvoyance ability, something which can be learned by everyone and which gives the opportunity to understand how universe works.

Three big kinds of astrologies are still used over the world: Western astrology, Chinese astrology and Indian or Vedic astrology. Is astrology is now more an entertainment in Occident than a science, Indian people still believe a lot in astrology.

The game is over

Except in India where we can see a lot of people follow Vedic astrology, less and less people in Occident believe in zodiacal predictions. If Nostradamus was a star until recently maybe advertising, communication tools killed astrology. In one word: too much astrology kills astrology. We cannot open a newspaper, listen to the radio and even sometimes watch tv without seeing an horoscope somewhere. Everyone know his zodiacal sign, everyone has temptation to read his horoscope but in fact we are a lot to forget it one second after reading it. That’s a sad reality: according to many people, horoscope is only a game, not something serious.

Planets and stars have no influence

This will make astrologers angry but this seems to be true. Let’s see more about this theory in a few points.

1. According to astrologers each planet has its influence. OK we believe them, they can not really prove it put let’s do as if they were right. Then their is a question: Does this influence will act on each person or in the whole group or on each person? According to astrologers planets influence each person especially. There is a problem here planets influence all or each but not both so when astrologers make prediction about the future of the world, they are in contradiction with their own science.

2. Astrologers make prediction about money but money has no birth date and no life so planets and stars can not influence it.

3. Astrologers make a lot of mistakes. Each year when famous ones gives their predictions for the year, they usually make mistakes and they even not find the same things If astrology was a science, all planets readers should read and predict the same things but there are a lot of difference between all predictions and two people can give two totally different predictions.

4. Two horoscopes can cancel each others. Imagine: Your horoscope gives you very good predictions and say you will love your husband today. At the same time, Your husband’s horoscope gives him bad news, he will be angry against you: Which horoscope will win? Many will say the one with the most powerful planets influence but things are not so easy because billions of horoscopes are running each days, (one per human being).

5. Astrology is dead because it makes to much mistakes in general and horoscope is usually not accurate.

Even if we don’t believe in clairvoyance or psychic readings we are all searching for a kind of accuracy, that’s why zodiac is getting down today. When too much astrologers make too much mistakes it is logical to see the end of their art. It is also a mode, with time all comes to an end.

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