Does my ex want me back?

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There are a lot of questions which are asked to tarot cards and many of them focus on love issues. One important moment of life, one moment when many people ask psychic readings in order to find answer is surely when a boyfriend or a girlfriend leave the house. The most important is more to know what the person think than to read the future, in fact when we ask tarot reading we want to read their mind.

Tarot card meanings

As we can see on this website, each card can be interpreted in order to answer questions. Does my ex want me back is one of these questions and when we have no view, when we face a u-turn we seek all possible ways. Clairvoyance is one way among others, some people try to be strong and forgive, some people go to see psychoanalyst, some use alcohol… Many ways are available and tarot reading is one of this way.

Each card has its meaning. If you are a woman the lovers is a positive card which can mean that your boyfriend can get back, with the world the answer is certainly yes. On the contrary the hanged man and the tower are very negative.

Some cards are less good than we think. For example the emperor and the empress are not always good cards because they usually means deception. Your ex left because he had someone else in his life.

The hanged man usually means being attached. Attached to you, attached to another person that’s the problem and only other cards you picked-up will give you an answer. With the lover, the sun, the star the answer is positive, he is attached to you, with the tower, the devil or the wheel of fortune and the death will not have a positive meaning.

Love clairvoyance

As we always say here on tarot43, clairvoyance is not the unique answer. We saw it before: psychology, strength, smartness, sometimes religion can help to know more about one particular issue. Tarot reading and all types of clairvoyances can be used to know more about ourselves but can not be used to take decision, only cleverness can do that.

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