Why belline Oracle is so accurate?

oracle and tarotBelline oracle in few lines

If you are a tarot43.com reader, you know what belline oracle is but for those who comes for the first time, let’s take a quick tour.

Belline oracle is a card deck which comes from France and which is made of 53 different cards. One card, one sense, that’s one of the reasons why this deck is such accurate and such easy to use by all. In fact anyone can try to perform his own reading with this game.

Belline oracle’s particularity

When we talk about clairvoyance it is always difficult to know where is the border between myth and truth. That’s not our purpose here because anyone can trust what he wants, believe in what he wants and tarot43 thinks that it is better to take psychic reading as an entertainment. But there are a lot of possibilities let by Belline oracle for all those who want to do there tarot reading.

Regardless our point af view on tarot reading, it is sure that we all want to get the best and accurate answers to our questions. Trying to predict future is always something particular so in all cases, having a good tool is always important and that’s the belline oracle’s goal: being the best tarot card deck as possible.

According to many psychic readers, this goal is reached with this amazing tool. In fact if this oracle is not better known it is just by a combination of circumstances because this game gives accurate readings.

Why such good results?

Maybe because it was created late in history, belline oracle is trying to surpass other games and do it. It is like its creator learned about other tools and created the best one only for tarot reading purposes.

When we look at this deck closely we see something easy to understand, not something which needs to be hardly interpreted as other things can be. As we said before this oracle is immediately understandable: one picture, one idea. it is not as major arcana of Marseille for example which can mean more than one idea in each card.

Second thing: pictures. Each picture shows one idea too, no need to think a lot to understand each tarot card meaning because all can be seen in a glance even if the man who drew this deck was not a very good designer in fact!

By a simple view to this game we easily understand why it can be so accurate. The reason why it is not more used in USA and outside France is not a cultural reason it is only because a few people have translated it but we are working on that!

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