The Belline Oracle

Belline Oracle exampleBelline Oracle: Known by a few, more and more used

This tarot deck is a suit of 53 cards used by many psychic readers in france where this game comes from. Many psychic readers use it and if more and more people use it in order to perform there own tarot reading it is because these cards are very easy to use and give a lot of details about several issues.

Why is it so accurate?

These cards were made by Edmond de Belline during the 19th century just for clairvoyance, not for playing. That is important, each card has a different and unique meaning, one card, on idea. When tarot of Marseilles is sometimes difficult to understand (we can mention temperance, death, the star, the fool), Belline Oracle is always easy to read even by novices readers. Where does this simplicity comes from? We told it before, only one idea per card and not a very detailed picture on the card. in fact we are sure that Belline was not a great artist but this was not the goal followed by him. This game was made by a clairvoyant not by a card player.

If you want to learn Belline Oracle

You can find your cards on the net but the most difficult is to find tarot translation because this old french tool is not well known elsewhere. Why? Simple matter of habit probably, in Usa psychic readers usually use Rider-Waite deck. That is why we can find here an english translation of Belline Oracle:

1. Destiny 2. The Man’s Star 3. The woman’s Star
Sun Cards Moon Cards Mercury Cards
4. Nativity 11. Betrayal 18. Change
5. Success 12. Departure 19. Money
6. Elevation 13. Inconsistence 20. Intelligence
7. Honours 14. Discovery 21. Theft Loss
8. Thought Friendship 15. Water 22. Undertaking
9. Countryside/health 16. Home 23. Trading
10. Gifts 17- Disease 24. News
Venus Cards Mars Cards Jupiter Cards Saturn Cards
25. Pleasure 32. Wickedness 39. Support 46. Misfortune
26. Peace 33. Proceedings 40. Beauty 47. Sterility
27. Union 34. Despotism 41. Inheritance 48. Fate
28. Family 35. Enemies 42. Wisdom 49. Gracefulness
29. Love 36. Negotiations 43. Fame 50. Ruin
30. The Table 37. Fire 44. Chance 51. Delay
31. Passions 38. Accident 45. Happiness 52. Cloister

Last card, the blue card, a mysteriuous one which is just blue. According to Belline and psychic readers, this card is the most positive one, if you pick-up the blue card all will be fine.

How to draw Belline Oracle?

Like for other tarot we can do a cross reading but card postion will have a different meaning than celtic cross reading. Here we do a simple cross with 5 cards, not more. First card means present, second one on the right shows what is against, top card shows what will happen during realisation of the answer process, fourth card on the bottom is the answer and the last one in the middle is a summary of the whole reading. Nothing is more simple than this cross but it gives an accurate reading because of the deck himself and all we said before about its number, precision and clearness.

As we see belline oracle is certainly of of the best tarot reading tool. Not well known in all parts of the world, we are sure that this Oracle will grow-up to become a famous psychic reading tool.


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