Does my boyfriend love me?

lover backLove and tarot reading

Many people around the world ask this question to tarot readers. In fact love is certainly the first issue in psychic readings. When we see tarot cards we can see how love is important on every decks. In fact most decks are tarot of Marseille Children which is still source of inspiration for new decks. This is interesting to note that most cards designed today are in fact old tarot deck clones.

If we look at the Marseille deck, Rider-Waite or even Belline Oracle deck we can see that each deck has its love cards and most cards can be interpreted in order to know more about love issue. This is sometimes a problem for newbies who can be disappointed by the sum of possibilities left by major arcanas.

How to start?

We can first begin by dividing cards into two categories: Those which can be used in love tarot reading and those which could not.

The Chariot, the magician are not really important for does who want to know if their boyfriend love them. Chariot means youth, wealth, it can be used in order to know more about a person but not in order to answer if your boyfriend loves you or not. It is the same for the Magician.

If you want to answer the question : does my boyfriend love me some other cards are not really important like the hierophant, the empress and the high priestess. The first has no real relation with the question and the other symbolize female parts of the reading. If you pick-up these cards it means a wrong drawing so make a new shuffle, spread and pick-up new cards. If the second draw is equal, the answer is clear: your boyfriend dos not love you!

Love meanings cards

After that all cards can be used to answer love questions, some cards are positive and other are negative. Negative cards are the tower, the devil. the first usually means your boyfriend does not love you, the second means he just want you for sex. The hanged man can mean he already have a girlfriend, the rope symbolizes the link between he and her.

Positive cards are the world which is the best card in tarot reading and obviously the lovers which means love between two people blessed by all.

Other cards are used to answer love questions but more to give details than to answer directly the question. Temperance can means he is not really in love, wheel of fortune means time which can bring love or make love leave his heart. That’s some examples but which also apply to other cards.

As we can see, tarot reading can be used to answer many types of questions, even some important questions such as “does my boyfriend love me” but we always have to keep in mind that tarot card meanings is a game, sometimes a tool we can use to think different but nothing more.

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