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love major arcanasLove and tarot reading

How many people in the world ask tarot for love issues? The answers is simple: a lot!! If now many people ask this kind of question, it was the same few centuries ago. That’s why some major and minor arcana were design to answer theses questions. Here we will talk about major arcana only because many newbies uses only these cards when they start tarot reading.

Love major arcanas

The Emperor

Some people (mostly women) like this card because the emperor is usually the symbol of business, success and wealth. If many girls like this part of the emperor, for many others it is totally different because they know how this kind of person can be too involved in his career. As we saw in the emperor tarot card meanings, this kind of person is not always the man, the father dreamed by girls during infancy. In the real life the emperor can be an absent father because always at work and not really present for his family. Things are not so dark, the emperor can be a good father, it can be the man well seated on his throne and who has shoulders to take care of his family. Both sides can be found on this card, with the world it is the positive one and with the moon or the tower it will be the dark one.

The world

Best card on each tarot deck, this card always means good news so there is no fear to have. Just be happy, the world is the most positive major arcana. Marriage, baby whatever your question is, answer will means success.

The tower

Worse card in tarot, the tower announce bad news, the end of something. I love the tower means divorce, separation, the end of a relationship.

The lovers

This is the love card. Lovers means shared, reciprocal love. If you love someone, lovers with the sun or with the world is the answer or good news you are waiting for. Don’t be afraid about this card which means true love except with very bad cards like the tower or the fool. In love matter, the fool means someone living, it can be you or your friend/husband. The lovers are always represented with a third person wich means love is known by all or your friend can be introduced by someone around you.

As we can see the lovers is the love card so except in extreme cases, this is a positive card. Just a precision: If you throw cards and never pick up cards on your spread, this is a sign that nothing will happen. If you are single, if you secretly love someone, not to see the lovers is a sign, a very bad sign…

The devil

The devil in love matter usually means sex. If you draw this card you can be happy if you are open minded, otherwise this card will not make you smile… But for many people, sex is important, it is the corner stone of a relationship so, in this case, the devil means good news.

Sometimes the sun can be found in love matter, it means good news. Other major arcanas will not give you a lot of details about love so if you pick them up it will just shows a neutral answer, it will just shows nothing will happen soon.

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