The chariot

The chariot major arcanaTarot card meanings of the Chariot

Several types of cards can be used in tarot reading which gives several representations of the chariot and the person in the card which is sometimes a woman, sometimes a man. In Rider-Waite tarot card deck we usually see a man wearing an armor, in origin card it seems to be a richly dressed woman. Here we can see the first card but we will talk of both.

We can always see two horses on this card and a chariot. These symbols are important, they mean movement, control and wealth. The Chariot is usually represented as a rich wooden made structure, most known cards we even see gilding on it. Each type of card shows a person who holds the reins this means someone who has control on his life or on present situation.

In Rider-Waite deck we see a young man, wearing an armor and a crown which means he can be a king. In original tarot deck we can see a woman richly dressed. In all tarot cards types we can see someone young and sure of himself.

First meaning of the chariot is the idea of success and youth. Concretely it can be drawer’s son, who is succeeding or will succeed soon, it can also represents the reader himself if he is not too old or asking about work, business. As we said before the person on the card holds reins so it means control, good vision of the situation. The chariot means war is going to an end or ending and tarot reading subject is or will be victorious. According many psychic readers, the chariot means money because the person on the card is always rich and also because for them, the chariot can be used to transport the wealth earned during a fight, it is important ti note that this wealth here, does not come from lottery or inheritance.

At work

If you draw your own card, it can be because you are working hard for a business, you want to grow it and it is not easy. This cards shows success will come or is coming (it depends on the position of the card in Celtic cross drawing) so this is positive. If you are fighting against someone it can be you but it can also represents your enemy, be careful, it depends on your question but this means you are fighting against a strong enemy, he is young, he is rich and he knows where he goes so be careful. If you are waiting for money it can be good for you because as we said before the image of the chariot means money, possession.

In love

We can always see youth in this card so if you are single you can meet someone young. If you are a woman, this card can represent a man younger than you, if your are a man this tarot card can represents the fight you will have to carry out against someone younger than you, if you are young you will have to fight in order to conquest love.

Last meaning

The chariot also means travel with this idea of movement given by horses. So those who like to travel will be happy to see this card and it can also means a move with all your business.

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