Exorcism in the XXIth century

devilExorcism in few words

We all have in head this film which tells the story of exorcism. Before this film, the practice of exorcism was much less common than today, some specialists talk about 6 times less practiced than today. Before this film, only a few priestes did this work in all America and not many worldwide. This work consists in bring out the demon of the head of the patient. We start from the idea of on person could be possessed by a bad spirit who tries to force the person to do bad things and to be evil.


Exorcism today

Church is one of the most skeptical instance today, it means church is not the group who make most of exorcisms today. Church first tries to know pare about the possessed people. Church tries to understand the background on the person and make her some kind of psychological tests in order to know if this person is really possessed or not. In most cases, the conclusion is “not possessed”.

In fact most of the cases are the result of a self persuasion not the result of the possession of a bad spirit.

That is why today church do less exorcisms than private preachers. It is certainly due to the fact that now exorcism is a business for preachers not for church. In fact the idea of being possessed by the devil is very new, before the film, the number of people who thought they were possessed was more than ten times lower than today. We can really talk of fashion. Many people are also really mad…

In the next future

If we want to know wat will happen now, we have to see the numbers of “privates” churchs and preachers today: they are more and more every week. The craze for spirituality is still growing today. When we know how fear and spirituality can bring, when we know how much money spirituality bring, we can say that preachers have bright future! 

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