The fool

fool major arcana meaningThe fool major arcana, such a fool?

This tarot card is a little bit strange for many psychic readers and tarot reading novices because there is no number on this card, some tarot reader say this card is the first one, others say it is the last tarot of the deck, in fact we do not really know but it is not important, the most important with this card is the fact that this card is alone, it means liberty for some people rejection for others.

This major arcana is not so bad because whatever the card deck used, the fool is always smiling which means he lives his condition not so badly. If we look at this card the weather in the background is sunny, so we can say that the fool’s future is not so bad too, he walks with his stuff to new adventures.

For many people, for religious the fool is a bad card because he has no family, no stability, maybe no house so he lives in sin, sort of anarchist living without following human and beyond laws. That’s why this card can have a different sense depending on who read.

But for many people this card is positive because the fool is free, he can go where he wants whenever he wants. He as no ties. Money is not a problem for him because contrary to the chariot who moves with all his business, the fool prefers lightweight travel and this is very important to note it because it says a lot about his way of thinking, he is close from the roots of first human beings life.

At work

Now that we know more about the fool, we can say that the person represented by this card is not the best one for those who want to be employed by some companies! As we can see, the fool is the card of freedom so the card drawer or his subject is not someone who can stay too long in the same place except if he has to move a lot for this job, here, the fool and work can match but in others cases it is different. The fool is unconscious so maybe he should thnk a little before choosing the self employed way because it can be the best choice for him but maybe not if we think about the fact he always want to be free and does not want to do accounting, paperwork and all those things that chairman do. But, if he find good people to help him on his way he can be very good.

As we said the fool is free of movement, this can be good for those who want to create a business because this can means autonomy and freedom of think which can be good for create jobs in new technologies, new projects, work on art… But always keep in mind that the fool usually has to be helped by good employees.

In love

The fool is not the best one for family creation, he prefers moving from a girl to an other, not really what girls want when they think about their princess dreams! The fool is free, this can be a good man for those who want a different life than a standard life.

Generally speaking

The fool is moving so this tarot card meaning can be travel, relocation. maybe the reader will have to move in a near future or will take some holidays elsewhere than his area.

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