Cross reading

How can I read tarot cards?

This is a question frequently asked to psychic readers. What is interesting to see with Internet is the fact that many people use it as a tool for trying to find free things and to learn. If you bought a tarot card deck or if you are connected with a website it is easy to do a free tarot card reading. The best choice is the get a real tarot card deck and to perform a draw at home, if it is the case you can learn here how to do you own tarot reading with major arcana and find tarot card meanings in our pages or find here some links to free tarot reading websites.

First step: Cross spread layout

The real first step is to shuffle and cut the deck after concentrate on a question. After cutting pick up 5 cards and place it on the table like in the model undermentioned.

Cross reading

As you can see this cross is very simple to perform, you just have to follow a few steps for being your own tarot card reader. the most difficult is to find tarot card meanings because it seems to be easy but when we see the huge number of pages available on internet and in bookshops. It can be a good idea to buy a handbook but who to choose it? Before spending money a good choice can be read the tarot card meanings in a site like because it gives a good idea of all major arcana meanings and even for some other decks like playing cards and belline oracle.

You just have playing cards?

The cross is also usable with a simple playing cards deck, the only difference is in meanings of cards which will gives less details. As we can see on playing cards there is less to see in each card because thses cards were not drawn for clairvoyance but in order to play. But some psychic readers gives a sense to each card that is why we can use it for psychic reading.

Is Tarot serious?

As we seen on psychic readings post, clairvoyance is not a science which means this could be used as an entertainment, sometimes a tool which opens our mind to new ways of thinking but telling to the reader that tarot or other psychic readings can be used to take decisions would not be true, tarot readings depends on to many external parameters like the point of view of the reader, his way to interpret cards and also the mistakes tarot and reader can make.

As we see tarot reading is easy to do but harder than we think to use, that is why it is advisable take a step back and take time to think on all decisions we take, tarot could be an help but nothing helps more than his own ability to take decisions and his own ability to think on a given matter.