Free tarot spreads

tarot readingWhat is a free tarot spread?

Tarot reading is used by many tarot readers in the world and also many people who want to spend a good time or want to know more about their future. In order to use this type of clairvoyance we need a card deck which is a card set used to do clairvoyance. The most used and best tarot card deck in North America is Rider-Waite deck and the most used in Europe is Tarot of Marseille, both are almost equal. It is possible to do it for free, alone with our own deck or sometimes with a real psychic reader who can do it for free but it is usually hard to find and sometimes of low quality.

One deck, two parts

Each deck seen above are divided in two parts: Major arcana part and minor arcana. The secret is to understand that cards can be used by all who know tarot card meanings. major arcanas are major cards, they can be used alone. Newbies usually use only major arcana in order to read their future by themselves, no problem, it only gives a little less details. One good thing for those who use only major arcana is the fact that card meanings are more knows by all than minor arcana because they are a little less used so less people write about it. If you begin in tarot reading you can first use only major cards.

How to find a free tarot spread?

If you do not do your own reading with your own cards the best way is to search a good internet website. Many of these websites give a free access to their online tools. It is surely the best way to follow for learning how to perform a tarot card spread and to learn tarot card meaning.

These free tools are available and easily findable on the net. It is a good idea to perform it online because it gives a good idea of what card reading can be and how professional tarologists can work. There is no need to be a medium to do this because anyone can learn card meanings it is easy. People who want to go further can buy an handbook in a bookstore it is certainly the best way to learn.

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