Guardian angels

angelWhat is a guardian angel?

We can find guardian angels early in History. We can find references of angels in the bible, Christians really and usually believe in this idea and the pope Benedict XVI himself talked about his own guardian angel when he stumbled one day.

Many people believe they are followed by a spirit who has power to protect them and even show them the right way during there whole life. That’s why we can see many people on the internet, forums, magazines talking about angels in order to share their knowledge or find informations on how they can see or even enter in contact with their private guardian angel.

A guardian angel is usually a spirit who is assigned to each at birth. The spirit has one mission: following one human being during his life. There are some categories and a hierarchy within the angel’s group. This idea is a little bit difficult to understand because there are some differences of point of view in terms of whatever is talking about it. For example a Christian will not talk about spirits as a medium would do.

Can we trust our guardian angel?

We are all free to believe what we want. Here we we not say if it is good or not to believe in it. However we can see some things straightly: facts. Facts do not lie, they are stable and can be analyzed easily. Many people try to enter in contact with their guardian angel, they try to communicate, get connected. In fact, no one has ever really succeeded in this quest. Some people say they can communicate with spirits, not only mediums but also “normal” people but it is really difficult to believe them because none of them can show evidence of spirits existence.

Other example: the pope himself! As we have seen before, Benedict XVI himself talked about his angel and said he didn’t helped him when he fell down. This is another glaring example that even a pope is not systematically protected and can not enter in contact with an hidden entity whenever he wants.

By seeing these two examples, it is not sure that we can believe in this idea, maybe the existence itself can be questioned because when we see facts, there is no evidences that of their existence.

I wouldn’t believe in angels simply because if pope’s angel does not protect a man like Benedict XVI, I don’t think I can trust mine if I have one! I also prefer not to follow mediums because many of them do mistakes and even lie to us. Some lie because they are evil and some just out of ignorance. When we just look at the facts, there are more reason to doubt about the existence of angels than to believe in their existence. Always stepping back and think is a good way to follow if we want to find the truth and to enjoy our life. Maybe winged spirits can help us but maybe not…

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