The hierophant tarot card

The hierophant tarot cardTarot card meaning

As known as the pope in other card decks, the hierophant is a tarot card which symbolized wisdom. Different from the emperor in many points, the hierophant seems to be as like this cards because of the sitting old man and it is true but on the other and they are different. They both share one meaning: the wisdom teached by years of life, the time which gives the capacity to take right decisions.

The Hierophant

One of the most difficult tarot card to explain is certainly the pope, and this word, pope, helps to understand this tarot card meanings. This psychic reading card show the connection between clairvoyance and religion, it is interesting to note it because many people think that psychic readings and religion are opposed and even incompatible but as we can see it is not the case in tarot cards.

Wisdom and passing time

That’s the two first words which come to mind when we talk about the Hierophant and it is true. This cards meanings begins by the wisdom of the old man symbolized by his throne and his scepter but mainly symbolized by the two monks below him, they are on their knees and pray him. As we see this man is powerful but not because he earn money but because he represents spiritual authority. We touch here the main point of this major arcana: spirituality.

The dark side of the Moon

Being spiritual and followed is the good point but there also a problem pointed by this card which is the power. As we said we can see two monks on their knees praying the hierophant who is wearing all the signs of power and that’s the problem because it can show the problem in the relation between power and religion, power and spirituality and the ethical dimension of the uses of power. Does a man as the right to submit an other? This question is posed today.

In love

This tarot card is not the best for love matters because we cannot say that the hierophant is the best lover! What can it means? It can symbolize the wisdom of the chosen person, if a girl girl is single maybe she will meet someone powerful and maybe older. If a man ask tarot it depends on him, if he is gay it can symbolizes a good person, if the person is not it can mean the help of someone spiritual.

In few words

This major arcana is difficult to explain but can be seen as a warning against abuses of power. Not so positive, this tarot card is not negative it just shows to the reader the importance of being straight and honest, it also symbolise traditions.

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