The lovers tarot card

The lovers tarot card meaningsThe lovers tarot card meaning

This card is one of the most appreciated of tarot decks. Psychic readers all over the world are happy to see this card which usually means good news for their consultants. The lovers card is always waited by singles people also by those who want good news about marriage issues… or not. If the lovers are close to the tower, obviously the answer will not be good and will means divorce, end of a relationship. In most cases this card is positive so don’t worry, no problem. The lovers tarot card meanings are however several, there is not anly one meaning in tarot reading and this one is not an exception.

First tarot meaning

As we see this card means a good relationship between two people, it can be love or friendship, this depends on the question. If reader asks for knowing more about marriage it is not like if he asks for knowing more about a friend or someone in his family. As we can see there is always a third person on the card which means that relationship can be viewed by all and or also can even get the benediction of a third who can be a judge, a priest…

Second approach: the choice

The lovers represent the choice made by two people. Let’s take an example: Two friends live a relationship since a decade, they can have to make a choice between a simple friendship or going further. The lovers show love to all after a choice, this is simple to understand now that the lovers tarot card can symbolize in psychic reading the choice which has been made or the one which as to be made between two people.

At work

If the question is about work issue, the lovers can symbolize one who loves the consultant but in many cases this represents a contract, an arrangement made after a choice as we seen before. In this case the third person on the card can symbolizes a lawyer, a notary, someone neutral in the case but who bring his benediction on it. If the question is about a contract the answer is positive, something is about to be signed.

Some psychic readers and tarot readers say that this card can means a difficult decision or difficulties to take decisions but it is usually wrong, except when picked with bad cards like the tower or the moon, the lovers is not a sign of a problem, this major arcana symbolizes the result, the arrangement after the decision, not the incapacity to take decisions. That points mistakes which can be made by tarot readers. Some of them usually do mistakes because they does not take enough time to think of tarot card meanings, all is very logical in tarot cards because they were made to perform psychic readings easily a path step by step. No need to search so far, all is written on the cards.

To conclude we can point out the positive aspect of the lovers on love issues, marriage and also point out the choice which was made or currently take which will result in a contract for example.

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