The moon

the moonMajor arcana meaning

We can first say that the moon is not a positive card, news coming from this major arcana of tarot reading is usually viewed as a bad sign. We can find several things on this card depending on the drawer because several draws can be find even if some main themes keep coming back.

We can always see two little dogs on the card, they are looking, begging or barking below the moon near a river. The river, the dogs, the moon and crayfish are the four things which are always visible on each tarot card deck, the difference is on the background where we can see sometimes two towers or two pillars, sometimes grass sometimes water. In each case tarot card meaning is the same, the background is not the most important thing to see here for tarot reading.

The moon signification

This card means bad news, loneliness, tears. Unlike the tower which means the fall, the end of a material thing, the moon speaks more about moral problems. We can see on the moon two dogs crying on the night, it means a lot about the situation, they are sad they can not do anything except asking for help but nothing seems to come except a threatening crayfish. This crayfish is interesting, why is she there? As we can see on this card there are a lot of things to see and for many psychic readers this crayfish is a great source of questioning. Is she coming to hurt dogs? Is she coming out from water because water is polluted? This part of the card is the most difficult to explain.

The two dogs can represent the fear of the night but usually represent our own fears, those things in life which are unsolved. That’s why this card is a bad one, many people, maybe everyone, has fears coming from childhood or later and that haunt our nights. The moon is not the sun, the moon will not warm up our hearts like sun which can warm and give light to see. This card means sadness and fears.

At work

Reader is confused, worried about a decision which can me taken by himself, the boss is watching but reader has to take decision quickly but he does not know what to do. No one will help you, perhaps even a “crayfish” at work but usually coming from outside wants to hurt you. Be careful, time is running, you are alone with yours fears. The solution can be to be aware of the situation and to try to fix the problem by taking time to step back and think.

In love

An old problem is not fixed, it makes you fear. The moon represents problems to find solutions or a light on the dark. It can also represent the dark side of sexuality. In love the moon usually represents an excess of romanticism and some fears returning. What can be the answer? Psychologist? God? This choice returns to the reader but one thing is sure: a problem must be solved.

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