Numerology and clairvoyance

free psychic readingsWhat is numerology?

This type of divination tries to study the relationship which can be found between numbers and future. When we talk about numerology we usually think of Asia because this type of clairvoyance is really popular in Eastern Asia. Numerology is easy to find on internet, it can be done by professionals and can also be found for free in many websites.

How does numerology works?

In order to make predictions, many numbers can be used. Clairvoyants usually use name letters, they take each letter, give one number to each and calculate the sum of it. The result gives some informations about future, about the person who is the subject concerned. numerology can be done with as many things as we want, for exemple before a contract, with hotel rooms numbers, with age of someone, of a pet… In fact we can do this clairvoyance with many things. Each number has a signification and can be used to make predictions. Here you can find which letter is assigned to:

1= a, j, s      2= b, k, t      3= c, l, u     4= d, m, v     5= e, n, w      6= f, o, x      7= g, p, y    8= h, q, z    9= i, r

After that a sum is done with numbers found. Exemple: Your name is Nicky

N=5 + I=9 + C=3 + K=2 + Y=7 it gives: 5+9+3+2+7=26. 2+6=8 the result is 8 which is the numbers that will be used for psychic reading.

That is an exemple but we can see some psychic readers working differently and that’s the problem because this type of psychic reading can gives too much different answers.

Numerology and accuracy

This is the major problem with this type of reading because many mistakes are done by this psychic reading method and by clairvoyants because they calculate some things which are not always calculable. As in astrology, clairvoyants usually interpret insignificant things that’s why it is better to consider this clairvoyance as an entertainment and not as a tool which can help to take decisions. Even if some Asian people use it in order to know how they should build a building, when to marry and many things more, this is not an example to follow because to much mistakes are done.


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