Rider-Waite tarot deck

Tarot card deckRider-Waite tarot deck

One of the most famous deck in the world is surely Rider-Waite tarot card deck which is a suite of cards, major arcana and minor arcana like in tarot of Marseilles deck. Which is interesting to see is instead of Belline’s Oracle which was drawn by a clairvoyant, Rider-Waite tarot deck was drawn by an illustrator. Pamela Colman Smith was poster drawer before being famous with tarot card reading.

Arthur Edward Published this deck with a little book called The key of the tarot which is still followed today and which is still a working base for many psychic readers.

A popular tarot reading tool

Even if we can see now more and more tarot decks, this one is still the most used tarot card deck in North America. Where does this popularity comes from? We just have to look closely a tarot deck in order to understand why this game is such famous. Clear background and many details, this tarot deck is a really good psychic reading tool, still used by many psychic readers in the world.

It is easy to find where does this tool comes from when we look at it. We can see a brotherhood between Rider-Waite deck and tarot of Marseilles and Visonti-Sforza deck. It is not really surprising when we know than Rider-Waite tarot was drawn later after tarot of Marseilles. Rider-Waite tarot gives sometimes more details to readers because we can see some symbols which cannot be shown elsewhere.

Psychic reading with tarot

As we always say on this website, tarot card reading is not a science, it is just a divinatory art which can be used as an entertainment. But why so many people find it accurate? It is certainly because we can see many things in tarot cards especially in Rider-Waite tarot. In one word, people see what they want to see in these cards and many answers given by them can happen to many people not to only one.

If tarot psychic reading is not a science, it can be a good entertainment and a good tool for thinking different. It can helps to shows some hidden ways, sometimes but not always. When we talk about clairvoyance, we always talk about something uncertain.

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