The Sun tarot card meaning

the sun major arcanaMeanings of the Sun tarot cards

We always say meanings with a “s” for tarot card reading because each card has several meanings. Here we will talk about meanings most used and validated by most of psychic readers. Because as we can see on this website, tarot card reading does not need to be performed by psychic readers, anyone can do it that is why sometimes there are some changes between two meanings and that is why it is better to use universal and validated by all meanings.

The Sun major arcana

This tarot card is one of the most popular in tarot reading because picking the Sun usually means good news, this card is a positive one. What we can see on this major arcana is usually two little people seeing the sun but this is for tarot of Marseilles, in English countries we usually use an other version of this card which shows only on person, maybe a child who is doing horse riding in countryside. We can also see some sunflowers in the background.

At work

The child in the major arcana holds a flag, it can symbolizes an advertising work for example. The child is naked, he holds a flag, for some people the flag colour is important but according to many psychic readers this is not, so just keep in mind that this object is nothing more than a symbol of patriotism, energy or the desire to be famous. For some people the sun can be a bad card for work issues. When the reader ask a question about someone at work the sun major arcana can represent a young colleague or associate who just want to earn money, to be famous whatever the price. In one word it can be a rival.

Except in this case, the sun often announces good news because it means something starting well as a new company for example.

In love

The sun is a good card because we can see the sunflowers which means optimism, the sun which means warm and happiness. We does not see the sun here on his burning meaning, so don’t worry, future will be happy!

A spiritual card

This major arcana shows other things to psychic readers. The child shows us how optimism can be important in our life, he is riding a horse with a smile on is face. this shows how keeping our glance of child is important in our life. All is questionable in the positive sens of the word because this means that nothing is really sure so we can learn every single day and try to be more clever exactly as a child. The light comes from knowledge and we can earn more and more every time we go out and see the reality of the world.

The sun is a metaphor of the knowledge, this is in fact a symbol of the courage needed to broaden his knowledge and impose his ideas to the world. This seems to be mad but sometimes only child have this power to take risks because only them have nothing to loose.

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