Tarot bible | Is Jesus against tarot?

tarot readingTarot card reading and bible

Many people believe in god and want to know if tarot can be compatible with the bible. The question is to know if we can ask a psychic reader or not? Would Jesus Agree and allowed clairvoyance? Does tarot reading is a sin or not? And can we talk about tarot bible or if it is just something which couldn’t be done?

What Jesus said

Jesus didn’t talk about tarot bible so we can just extrapolate theories of some passages. In the bible Jesus met many kinds of people during his life. If bible is the book where all all his meetings are transcribed but we have to keep in mind that this narrative was written two thousand years ago and some things have change since this time.

In fact Jesus is against all can divert our eyes from God. According to Jesus and the Bible, the Lord is the unique God and nothing and no one else can be followed except him.

But the question is to know if tarot reading is a belief treated as a religion or as a simple belief? Of course we can not put religion in the same level as clairvoyance? The twos are totally different and of course religion is on top. In fact there is a contradiction between what is written in the bible and the reality.

Why there is a contradiction between the holly book and the reality?

If the bible says there is another world after this one we can understand here there is something beyond our reality. If there is a life after death it is logical to find some people whose work is to try to communicate with beyond and spirits. Maybe some mediums really have the ability to communicate with beyond? We do not have the answer to this question.

Psychic readings, astrology are practiced since time immemorial, they were even here before the creation of mains religions. That is why we can say that the monotheistic religions like to stay exclusive. But there is no contradiction to believe in something which can exists beyond and to try to communicate with it. In one word religion says there is something else than this life, God is the lord of all. If we accept the fact that that there is something else, we have also to accept that some people want to establish a communication with those forces.

Tarot reading now

We can jsut say now taht tarot bible is jsut an idea, there are not connected. The main thing to say is that the world as change since Jesus came on Earth contrary to the holly book. Today many people believe or are interested by tarot while believing in the lord. We can also see many catholic clairvoyants doing psychic readings, in fact there is no contradictions between both. We need more to pay attention to the influence of religion than to clairvoyance’s influence because we  can see now more and more religious extremists which is very worrying…

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