Tarot reading was it created by the devil?

tarot devilIs tarot reading Satanic?

This question is now more and more asked especially in USA where religion is getting more and more powerful. It is interesting to see the differences between countries. If many people in the world believe in psychic reading, there are some differences of point of view based on religious belief. For example in Europe, clairvoyance is sometimes trusted or sometimes viewed as a scam but rarely as something antagonist to religion or as something created by the Devil. In Muslim countries, clairvoyance is frowned. It is interesting to see that the more religion is followed, the less tarot reading is accepted. It is certainly due to the fact that historically speaking, big monotheistic religions do not really like competition.

Why associate Devil and tarot cards?

It can be because one tarot of the deck is named “the Devil“, it drives some people in the wrong way by letting them think it can be a devil’s signature. But this association most comes from an ignorance of clairvoyances origins and tarot card meanings. It also comes from a simple generally speaking ignorance. Many scientists pointed this human ability to fear about unknown and reject it. To this point of view, it is not surprising to see this reaction on behalf of some groups.

Tarot and Devil

In fact there is no real connection between tarology and the Devil. Those who say the contrary as no proof on that, which is a first sign. One major arcana is called the Devil. The reason why one major arcana is called the Devil is rightly to point the human being dark side. This card is straightly inspired by christian religion, that’s why the Devil’s tarot card meaning is pointing evil tendencies in the religious sense of the term. The Devil points sex, pleasure, in one word: sins.

What we can see when we analyse major arcanas is the fact that tarot reading is not against religion but use some of its precepts in order to warn the reader and in order to give accurate prediction. In fact this kind of clairvoyance is very moral, ethical, it is logical when we know that this psychic reading follows closely religious precepts. There is no antagonism between tarot reading and religion because major arcanas were drawn at the end of middle ages, a time when religion was very present and powerful but also drives people ethic.


To conclude we can say that the Devil is not at tarot card origin, Devil was used by those who drawn cards in order to point some parts of the human nature, nothing more. That is why we can say fearing of tarot reading is not justified and is even a nonsense.

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