tarot card meaning: TemperanceFirst things we can say about Temperance tarot card meanings

We always start an interpretation by seeing the  in the card because in tarot reading much than in many other card readings the things which can be shown on the card are very important in a clairvoyance which is not a science. Obviously the draw answer will depends on the question and the psychic reader knowledge but for beginners as for professionals taking time to look at the card is always a good thing.

What we can see in the card is a woman with wings sharing some water from a jug to an other. In the original tarot card deck temperance does not have wings but this is the main difference between them. This major arcana is not easy to understand because we usually ask questions about work or love that means we usually expect a definite answer that is why temperance looks difficult for many people, it is not the most clear card of the deck.

A lot of things to see in this card

If we consider Temperance as an angel because of her wings we can say that this card is is the symbol of something which stands between paradise and hell or a connexion between god and humanity. That is an important point, as we said on the post about the Judgement, the relation between clairvoyance and religion really exists. In a draw this means the reader is wide open to spirituality issues, have a sensibility which give him a real sense of humanity and the ability to understand other people, to hear them.

Temperance is sharing water which can be a symbol of its generosity, its propensity to share knowledge but not to keep for herself. This is a very good card for teachers, social workers but not for policemen who are not here for bring something but who usually punish and even sometimes kill. Here we are only talking about people who only do good.

At work

Reader is talking about someone who is ready to share is knowledge, someone generous. It can also means for someone who have his own business that he will have to share his activity in order to not let all in the same basket but diversify his invest. If the reader is a teacher look at the other cards it will give some detail about the way he works and will say if his entourage is pleased to work with him or not, if he works well with other and for other. This may also apply to charitable organizations people, for those who help in the name of god for example.

In love

Reader will be a connection between two people, he can help a couple, a family to prepare an important day as a wedding planner does.

This can also means to share something with our lover. Temperance means here that the person who is drawing cards will take the decision to share something, decision is his, it means he is driving and, very important, can fly away if he is betrayed. Do not forget Temperance has wings.

Last thing to see

This connexion between sky and earth represented by the angel is a sign given to the person who is drawing cards that he is or will have to think about deep questions of his life. Maybe the person is at a turning point of his life due to illness, death or just midlife crisis.

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