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The I ching is an old fortune telling tool which was made in China and which is connected to the book of change a very old text. This king of psychic reading is a suite of hexagrams which are used to make predictions. In order to facilitate the reading a tool was made, three coins made to be thrown and which give signs representing the hexagrams.

This clairvoyance well crossed times

It is interesting to see that I-ching has so well passed through times and is now well known by many clairvoyants. This is a very good point because when we use this kind of tool which does not need medium abilities, it is always good to know well the sense, the hexagrams significations. Some famous people wrote about the I-Ching as Carl Jung did last century which makes the I-ching reading something detailed and more easy to understand.

Who can use I-ching?

Anyone can use this tool in order to try to predict his future or to think different. Many people like clairvoyance because it gives to them some possibilities to think different and to tackle life differently.

If you want to practice Yi-King, the best way is to find a R.Wilhelm book. Wilhelm gave surely the best interpretation of the hexagrams which can be. This interpretation is now the most used by all those who do yi-king and is easy to find and to learn. After him, a modern interpretation was made but Wilhelm hexagram’s signification is still a good base and is also very close o modern interpretation of the hexagrams.

As we can see anyone can practice I-Ching reading and can try to predict his future. There is no need to be a natural born medium to do it because it is only something which has to be learned and practiced.

A good thing for those who want to learn it is to visit some online I ching websites. They can give you all tool in order to to it online but also all interpretations and signification of each hexagram, some free software and some tips about how to find coins and tools to do it by yourself.

You can find an online free I ching reading here. This website provides a tool you can use to throw your coins online and gives you free interpretations of it.

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