The world

major arcana cardWho said religion and tarot reading were antagonist?

This is interesting to see that in the worst and the best cards of tarot decks we can see so much religion symbols. In the tower there is the symbol of god himself and here we can see four Evangelists, Luke, Mark, John and Matthew but this only for rider Waite tarot card deck.

The world is the best card of the tarot card deck, the most positive one. We are always happy to pick up this card which means such good news in all life parts. This card has positive meanings in work issues, love, friendship…

We can see first a naked lady surrounded by a laurel wreath. Laurel is since the dawn of time a symbol of success, we can see it on Ceaser’s head and many paintings of kings, on trophies.

Why a naked girl? It can symbolizes the Earth, which means there is a connection between the reader and telluric forces.

For some psychic readers bull, lion, eagle and ox are astrological representations, they can also be a four elements symbol and even a reference to the old testament. I fact these meanings are not really important here because this card is so positive that we do not have to look that far for accurate interpretations. In fact this card is positive and that’s all!

At work

No problem! as we said this card is always positive. With the emperor or the empress this card is perfect for those who want to create a business. If you were in a bad situation, this card means problems are coming to an end, light is above.

In love

This is the crowning of a situation. People who started a relationship before will get married, start to share the same home, going to have babies, perhaps even all three at once! This major arcana is really perfect!

As we see this card is so positive but there is always one unanswered question about the World: What meaning if this tarot card is closed to the Tower? Which is the most powerful? This problem is still unsolved for many psychic readers. Here we can say this can means an opposition between good and evil. The drawer is facing a problem of conscience, he has problems to choose the right way. With the devil, the chosen way is the bad one, with the hermit, drawer choose or will choose path of the reason.

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